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Dog Training near Milton Keynes and Dog Behaviour throughout the UK and Europe.

Whether you are new to dog training, want to progress further, or are dissatisfied with your current training, you are welcome at Lynne Davies Dog Training based in the Milton Keynes area. Puppies, adults or seniors, mutts or pedigree pooches, Dachshunds to Great Danes, help is on hand.

Lynne Davies and her team provide solutions to all your dog training needs.  Whether Group Classes, 1-2-1 Training or Home Visits, Lynne Davies Dog Training are here to help. Lynne also offers Puppy Home Visits and Behavioural Consultations  for ‘Problem Dogs’.  Sheep / Livestock chasing are big problems that can be addressed with Lynne’s help.

Lynne travels throughout the United Kingdom and Europe to help people with their doggie problems. Three years as an instructor on BBCs Dog Borstal gave her a chance to work in a different environment, but now she is back where she is happiest, helping dogs and their owners at her training centre near Milton Keynes as well as in their homes.

Recomended by vets, Lynne Davies has a proven track record having worked with dogs with ‘issues’ since 1998. Lynne’s excellent reputation and that of her instructors ensures that the majority of her new clients come via recommendation from dog owners, rehoming centres and other organisations related to the welfare of dogs.

Lynne’s dogs are fed on Burns dog food

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Behavioural Consultation

Do you have a ‘problem dog’ who is struggling with fearfulness, separation anxiety, or other unwanted behaviours?

Puppy Home Visits

Lynne will visit you at home and help you to get the best out of your puppy.
Get things right from the start!

Group Classes

Your instructor will guide you through your lesson and show you how to have a truly fulfilling relationship with your dog.

Intensive Training

Lynne will work with you & your dog on a 1-2-1 basis with hands on training & a Behavioural Consultation at the training centre